Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cabin Weeknd-Winter Edition, Part 1

Every 6 months my friend Katie invites a bunch of us up to her cabin in Wisco and two weekends ago we had the 3rd winter edition. In my effort to not make this my longest blog post everrr I'm splitting it up into two parts-Wed/Thur/Fri part 1 and Saturday will be in part 2.

I look forward to these two weekends and as soon as we set a date in stone for the winter/summer I immediately start a countdown...for real. In case you missed the recap of the Summer Edition you can read about the debauchery that it was here!

Anyways, I headed to Wisconsin on a Wednesday night. I hadn't been since July so I wanted to spend as much time there as possible. I flew into Milwaukee and on Thursday Kallie and I headed to Appleton, my hometown. We spent the day hitting up some of our favorite spots. One of my favorite parts of the day was getting to go to Copper Rock, a local coffee shop. I spent many nights my senior year of high school drinking lattes and doing homework...ok the homework part might be a always turned into chatting with friends and getting little, if any, homework done.

The remainder of the day we spent with Kallie's family and then we headed to the cabin. Before we headed to the cabin though we made a pit stop at Wally World and picked up this gem! It was only $2 so we couldn't pass it up! I mean, how sweet is her sweatshirt?

There were only a few of us at the cabin the first night so obviously we drank and played drinking games. I kicked off a weekend of drinking with a Spotted Cow. If you know me you know that is my I think it's partially because I only get it a few times a year, and because it's named "Spotted Cow." If you ever make a trip to Wisco, throw one back for me!

Friday morning we headed into town to do grocery shopping for the weekend and of course to get fried cheese curds from the local Culver's. Fried Cheese curds are another FAVORITE of mine. I talk about them way too much and as soon as I land in Wisconsin I start asking someone to take me to Culver's to get them. If you have never had them...which I hope is not the case, put these on your list (along with the Spotted Cow) to try! They.are.DELISH!

After shopping it was time to start drinking.duh. We played drinking games all afternoon while we waited for more people to arrive. Later in the evening we headed to a local pizza place to eat and drink (duh) some more. I'm still not sure how we didn't get kicked out of the restaurant. People seemed to either love us or completely hate us...can't say I blamed the ones that hated us. After drinking all afternoon we were not sober (no we did not drink and drive, we had DD's...because some people showed up right as we were leaving for dinner!)

Corey, Tess and I at dinner.

...halfway through dinner, this happened.

Yes, my friend Tess is laying on the floor. Just another reason why she is so great.

After dinner we went back and more of our friends had arrived along with these little guys...Gummy Bears soaked in liquor. I can't even begin to tell you how many ended up on the floor because we made drinking games like "toss the gummy bear in the air and try to catch it"...loser had to drink. With that being said, these will now be a staple at cabin weekends going forward.

You can imagine how the first night ended... A lot of empty beer cans/bottles and being drunk with my friends!

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