Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's are the pits.

 I have a serious case of the Monday’s and some serious hate for Daylight Saving’s Time.

I know I said I was looking forward to it getting darker later but the whole “losing” an hour of sleep just isn’t working for me.

I had the wooorst time trying to fall asleep last night and then getting out of bed this morning was a struuuuugle.

…to attempt to get me going today I had a cup of coffee, a latte and a diet mtn dew…and I still look like a zombie…sheeeesh. One of them better kick in soon or I'm going to put my head down at my desk and take a snooze...foor real.

On a more positive note I'm filling out my March Madness brackets (yes, plural) today. I don't follow basketball like I do football so I have no idea what I'm doing but it's still fun to there's a big screen TV up for grabs in our office pool. I participate in multiple competitions and I change up my bracket for each one...I figure it gives me a better chance of winning something...'s also the start of St. Patty's week which means green beer is in the immediate future and at lunch I'm going to pick up St. Patty's Day stuff from the party store.

Here's to surviving Monday. Thank goodness Monday only happens once a week.

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