Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cabin Weekend-Winter Edition Part 2

Time to finish up the rest of Cabin Weekend-Winter Edition.

Saturday I woke up around 9. I can’t seem to sleep in at the cabin…but I don’t care. I want to spend as much time with my friend’s as possible since I only see them a few times a year.

The day began with Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas around 10. It was at 10:30 I cracked open my first Spotted Cow, by myself, and the day of drinking began.

I had big plans to drink all day as the MVP of the weekend was up for grabs. A person could earn MVP for various reasons…being the most drunk (this is where I thought I had a chance), best outfit, etc.  Katie and Kallie picked up a wooden man thing at Goodwill the day before and they, along with Tess, constructed a trophy for the MVP.  This was the end result…pretty sweet, huh?  He even has a red solo cup.

Anywayyys, my friend Tom finally joined me in drinking around noon and we started playing drinking games…this continued on for hours. The only time we got up from the table was for bathroom breaks or if we needed more beer.

                           I think by early afternoon I was definitely not sober…but it’s alllll a little hazy.

Tom makes anything and everything into a drinking game.  We even had a game where you had to name the artist/song title of the music playing on the iPod. Loser had to drink, obviously.

 Throughout the entire day we were double fisting…always a great idea.
Evening came and we all started to get more drunk and a dance party/beer pong/baseball/multiple drinking games ensued.

…along with getting dressed in appropriate attire for the Rustic Woods Campground bar. This is always a highlight/favorite activity of our weekend.

After we get ready there is always a photo shoot!

The Girls

The "Pillars" aka they haven't missed a single cabin weekend. Still a liiiiittle bitter that I'm not one. I had to miss due to family vacay...won't happen again!

Some of the guys and their new staches!

The whole gang!
We’ve made it a tradition to go to the Rustic Woods bar on Saturday night of our cabin weekends. The bar is small but they have booze, a juke box, a pool table and we can walk…win for us. It's pretty much a big dance party/drinking fest. I can't even describe how much fun it is. We hang out with the locals...who definitely hated us at first but now love us and know to expect us around the last weekend in Feb and the last weekend of July.

The bar!

...I had so much fun that I dropped my iPhone and shattered the glass...awesome. I feel bad for everyone around me because drunk me made everyone look at it and hear the story over and over again...that must have sucked for them.

Sunday we woke up fairly early and began the clean up process. It amazes me how quickly we can get that place looking like we found it when we arrived on Thursday.

Once we were done we all voted for MVP of the weekend. Tess, Corey, Tom and I received votes but Tess/Corey received the same amount so they tied for MVP.  Can you see why they one? Those are some pretty quality outfits!

It was then time to leave and head to Milwaukee where I was flying out. Kallie, Erik and I made our usual stop in Oshkosh for fried cheese usual they were ahmayyyzing. 

I was sad to leave Wisco and my friends after an awesome weekend...but I'm already looking forward to summer edition!

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