Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day! I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving spent with friends and family.

I wanted to take a minute and reflect on all of the blessings/things I'm thankful for because I definitely do not do that enough.

I'm thankful for...

-my parents. They're always there for me and would do anything for me. My parents have given me so many amazing opportunities.

-my sister. I'm so glad she is home for Thanksgiving

-my friends. They're amazing and without them I would be lost.

-my job

-Blakeli. No matter what kind of a day I've had I know I can go home and see her and her tail will be wagging and she will be SO excited to see me

-my health

-that my family likes to drink!

-Green Bay Packers, hoping they move to 11-0 today

-Clemson Tigers...even though the football team stresses me out quite a bit I still love 'em

-for all of the other wonderful blessings in my life!

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