Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Break Recap

My Thanksgiving break was awesome! As soon as I left work on Wednesday I headed to the gym to get in a quick workout. It ended up being super quick because my legs were killing me from the previous day’s workouts, I also wanted to get home to see my sister! We went to dinner as a family and then my sister and I went downtown with friends. The bars were all packed and we ended up going home early.

My sis and I both had camoflage tiger paw koozies in our purses!

Thursday morning I got up and made myself go straight to the gym. I knew if I didn’t go first thing I wouldn’t go and it closed at 1. After my workout I started drinking with my fam! I began the day with a delish Bloody Mary, seen below. My sister then made Apple Cider Margaritas and let me tell you, they were pretty much the best things ever. They were SO good that I’m sharing the link so that you can try them out for yourselves! While you’re there check out her other recipes (HowSweetEats) because everything she makes is AH MAYYYY ZING!

Awesome Bloody Mary!

Apple Cider Margarita!

After a few drinks the Packer game started. It was awesome watching them move to 11-0,Go Pack Go!

We didn’t end up eating our Thanksgiving meal until around 6. As hard as it was to cook all day and not eat the food I think it worked out better. We didn’t snack all day and I only felt completely full and disgusting once, score! After dinner we rested up and were going to go shopping at midnight. Well, midnight came around and we decided that we were wayyy too tired so we opted to go to sleep instead.

Friday morning we slept in and left to go shopping around 10. To our surprise it wasn’t that busy out and we got some good deals. I had to leave shopping early because I went to Atlanta to see Brantley Gilbert in concert.

My friend and I left for Atlanta around 3:30 and got to the concert venue at 5:30. People were already waiting in line so we got out of the car and waited. It was general admission and I was determined to get a good spot! We waited outside for TWO hours before the doors opened and then waited another 2 hrs for the opening act to come on. We did however get a spot in the front row thanks to my friend. She and I ended up going in different lines and hers moved faster than mine. You have NO idea HOW excited I was to be in the front row. I knew that I would get to shake/touch BG’s hand…okay yea that sounds creepy but he’s one of my favs. This was my fourth time seeing him in concert since June!

Brantley Gilbert!

Anyways, the opening act was a guy named Brian Davis and he was awesome…but I was getting antsy and ready for BG to come on. I knew that I had to get up early the next morning and we still had a 2 hour drive home. BG did not end up making an appearance until 11 but it was worth it. He was AWESOME and I got to shake his hand, eeeeeeek!!!! Can’t wait to see him again in February.

Saturday morning we got up early and my sister and I headed to Columbia with some of our friends for the Clemson/Carolina game. We met up with friends to tailgate. Our guy friends cooked a pig, which was delicious. We tailgated from about 12 until after the game. Believe it or not I was pretty sober the whole.entire.day. Definitely a different concept for me! My parents had let us use their truck, generator, tv and satellite so I knew I had to be extra responsible so the last thing I wanted to do was get wasted and forget something.

My sister and I tailgating!

The game was absolutely horrible and I officially HATE fireworks. Carolina shoots of fireworks after every touchdown they score…needless to say those fireworks got to be pretty obnoxious. After the game we went immediately to our hotel and hung out. Most of us had only brought Clemson apparel and didn’t want to go out and get ragged on for the loss. Even though we did lose it was still a great time!

We got up relatively early on Sunday and had breakfast and headed home. The remainder of the day I spent working out and hanging with my family. I was sad to that my sister had to leave yesterday but can’t wait to see her again on Friday for the ACC Championship.

It was definitely one of the best Thanksgiving breaks I can remember! So thankful for my family, friends and the blessings in my life!

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