Sunday, August 21, 2011

The One Where I Paid $300 Too Much!

Back in early May I went to the Minute Clinic. In case you aren't familiar they are located in the CVS Pharmacies. Instead of going to a doctor for small things (sinus infection, colds, allergies and so on) you can go there and see a nurse practitioner! Its great because you don't need an appointment and usually don't have to wait very long!

I had forgotten about my visit until a bill came from them a few weeks back. I went online yesterday to pay my bill. Sidenote-I pay everything online and its usually great. My dad still sends in checks for every.single.thing and I don't get it. I like that I can see that my bill is paid right then and there and get an e-mail notification...ok so back to my bill. I log on and you have to enter in your bill information and then the amount.

The amount of my bill was $33.20 so I enter that in, click "submit" and get the confirmation screen. When I get to that screen I realize that I had entered $333.20 instead of $33.20! I overpaid my bill by $300!!! Ahhhhh! I began to freak out. This isn't like paying a credit card where you would have a credit and can spend it...this was to the doctor! I don't need $300 in a credit for future appointments because I, thankfully, don't get sick that often! Fail, fail and fail.

After my freak out and mild panic attack I ran downstairs to my dad and told him how much of an idiot I am. He laughed and had said that he had mailed in a check once doing the same thing and that they should hopefully be able to fix it...ummm I sure hope so! Of course the billing office wasn't open yesterday so first thing tomorrow morning I will be calling them. Wish me luck. I hope to have my $300 back soon...otherwise, who needs to go to the minute clinic?!?!

Lesson learned...double and triple check when you enter an amount online for a bill!

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