Monday, August 22, 2011

Fan Apparel

I have three teams in my life that I cheer for...The Packers, The Badgers and The Clemson Tigers and I love getting new stuff to wear when cheering them on!

Anyways, I walked into Old Navy on Saturday and the first thing that I noticed was the cute collegiate items that they had. I tried to find the items online to share but they aren't on the we bsite. I then noticed that they had NFL apparel and when I didn't see any Green Bay Packer items, I immediately went home and looked online. Sidenote-I know that I'm not in Wisco or in a surrounding state buuut the Packers were World Champions last year so I feel like every store should have to carry Packer items! (Okay so maybe I'm dreaming, but it would be nice!)

After my Old Navy splurge I remembered that Victoria's Secret has had cute collegiate/NFL apparel before. I wasn't sure that they would have Packer apparel because they didn't last season (which they got quite the nasty letter/tweet and so on from me! World Champions, heeelllooooo?). Imagine my excitement when I saw that they DID include the Green Bay Packers in the NFL line this year...WOOOOO HOOOO! The stuff is just I have to share pics! I again, splurged and picked up a few Packer items. Sadly, they did not include Clemson in the line...I don't really get that seeing as how Clemson been included the past few years. Victoria's Secret, how do you decide this?!?!? Time to step it up, puhhleeeease!


I can't wait for this stuff to arrive. Go Pack/Tigers/Bucky!!!

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