Saturday, August 13, 2011

Congrats to my sister!

Its official, my sister is a Clemson alum! Congrats, Julianne! I cannot believe how fast your four years at Clemson went! I'm looking forward to many visits to Boston as you continue your education!

My sister finished up her last class in early June but didn't "officially" graduate until today. After my long graduation ceremony 3 years ago, she opted out of "walking" and instead is having her diploma mailed to her. I really wanted her to walk because I think it's a once in a lifetime thing and I didn't get to see her graduate from high school as I was living in Mexico at the time. I told her she has no choice but to attend her graduation ceremony for her Master's program.

Anyways, we are spending the day celebrating as a family! I surprised her with a cake yesterday and we bought some champagne. We are also going to watch the Packers play their first preseason game tonight...couldn't think of a better way to celebrate.

Congrats again Julianne! I'm so proud of you! Now, onto grad school!

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