Friday, August 5, 2011

Can I get a T.G.I.F?

Every week it seems like I am over-joyed when Friday rolls around. I mean it takes Friday long enough to get here so I think I should be excited! However this week seemed to go by quickly (not complaining). I'm not sure if it was because I spent the majority of the week in a fog recovering from last weekend or what. Speaking of the "fog" that I was in this week...I know that I am by no means "old" but I can’t party like I used to and bounce right back. My 3 days of fun definitely caught up to me and I was super tired and felt like crap. However, it was totally worth it and I would do it all over again…and plan to in 6 months for the Winter Edition!!! (not that I’m counting or anything)

My week consisted of eating much, much healthier. I’ve managed to stay on plan/track all week and am planning to do so this weekend. I struggle a LOT on the weekends because I’m not in as much of a routine and food is around me constantly…but if I’m going to be successful at this I have to figure out a way to deal with the temptation. I know that I feel so so so much better when I eat healthy, work out, and have less adult beverages…I just forget that “good feeling” when I see unhealthy food options!

I also worked out, spent time with my family, and relaxed! I was supposed to be going out of town this weekend but will be staying in town to help out with the dogs instead. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this but we have three dogs and our house has become a zoo! Growing up we had zero animals (with the exception of a gerbil and chameleon). When I started high school my parents purchased Maybell Madison(renamed Mayhell because of her antics. She got her middle name because we purchased her in Madison, WI). Mayhell enjoyed being an only furchild for the majority of her life thus far. When my sister began college she got a dog who we call Clem. Finally, shortly after I graduated I got Blakeli and that is how we ended up at three. I don’t think my parents ever imagined that ALL three dogs would be under one roof. I never saw that day coming either. However, since I live at home and my sis is temporarily at home for the summer we are all under one roof…and we will continue to be as my sister is not taking Clem with her to Boston.

This weekend I will also be blogging about Cabin Weekend Summer Edition! TGIF! Woo!

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