Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Well helloooo three day weekend! I am so happy to see you! Even though I'm staying home and not doing anything big for the holiday weekend I still have lots of little things planned that I'm looking forward to.

1.) I am running a 5K tomorrow...not sure how much I will actually run but nonetheless I'm doing a 5K.

2.) Sleeping. I know you can't "technically" catch up on zzzzzz's but I'm going to sleep a lot this weekend!

3.) Laying by the pool, soakin' up some sun and reading.

4.) Shoppppping! The outlets are having some good sales and I can't wait to go! I want to get some new things for Chicago next weekend!

5.) Spending some QT with these people (mom and dad) and my dog, Blakeli :)

6.) Working out. I plan on getting some good workouts in (in addition to the 5K) this weekend.

Happy Happy Weekend!

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