Sunday, July 3, 2011

5K Recap

Sooo as I posted on Friday, I participated in a 5K this weekend. I didn't say "ran" because I technically did not run the whole thing. I didn't go into the 5K thinking that I would run all 3.1 miles seeing as how I signed up for it only 5 days before. I had some co-workers that were participating in it, so I thought "why not?"

I rode with one of my co-workers to the race and we got there about an hour before it started. We walked around, stretched, and ran a lap around the track to prep. When the race started I was doing great and felt great...then after the first mile things changed. My shins started feeling like they were on fire, literally!!! I began walking and it was getting worse. In fact, I wanted to just give up and walk as slow as possible, or even sit down. I walk 4 miles (sometimes run at least a mile of the 4)or more about 5 times a week so I wasn't sure why my legs were acting this way. They finally started to feel better and I was able to run the last half mile. I finished and was proud of myself for doing so. Even though I did not run the whole race I want to get to where I can and I definitely want to participate in more 5K's in the future!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday! I am so happy that today does not mean the end of the weekend like it normally does!

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