Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today's blog post is completely random because I just need to talk about the weather. Goodness gracious IT IS HOT!!! I mean I know I live in SC but 98+ every day, whew, I did not sign up for this in EARLY June!!! I can't even imagine how people in the Midwest feel...they are NOT used to these extreme temps this early on either. I walked from my car to the door at work (maybe 25 ft) and was sweating...ew! It doesn't really "cool off" as the day goes on either. One nice thing about the midwest is that it can be hot during the day but its cooler at night..I love that! Wish we had that here!

With these temps and humidity comes horrible, horrible hair. My hair is a hot mess...and its gotten to the point that I end up putting it in a pony tail by early afternoon. Today I'm trying to fight putting it up since I'm going out later but not sure I'll make it. Its not lookin' pretty.

Also-I have black leather seats...not sure why I thought that would be a good idea living in SC but I was 20 when I got my car sooo I'll blame it on being "young and stupid"...ha. I'm pretty sure I've burnt myself one too many times the past few weeks. I will be getting a thing to put in my windows asap...and a new car :) (but not because of the seats).

Here's to hoping for cooler temperatures (I would take mid 80's) :) and the cold beer(s) that I will be consuming later since I have saved all my flex points this week!

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