Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Pattys Day (a few days late)

I realize that this is a few days late, buut better late then never! I thought I would share some pics and what my St. Patty’s Day entailed. First I had to work all day and then I headed over to my friend Emily’s to “pre-game” with her and her fiancé! We had the Firefly pink lemonade with the alcohol already in it! It was delicious! I will definitely buy it again! It will be a great, refreshing drink this summer! We then headed downtown to a St. Patty’s Day festival at one of the local Irish bars. It was pretty busy and there didn’t seem to be much going on, so we left and went to Carolina Ale House! I love this place and had yet to see it with the roof open (half of the roof opens so it’s an open roof bar)…it was awesome! We put ourselves on the waiting list to get a bite to eat and headed upstairs to the bar to wait! My one goal was to get green beer, and I did!!! I was so excited when we saw people with green beer! I was then a little hesitant as it took me a few minutes to get over the color…but all it was was a bud light! I had a few, and it was a fun night! The place was packed and my mom and dad were kind enough to pick us up  a perk of having a.) Awesome parents b.) Having them live close by/living with them! All in all, it was a great St. Patty’s Day…Friday though was not so great as the beers from the night before and the lack of sleep caught up to me!

Emily and Eddie!

Emily and I upstairs at Carolina Ale House!

the green beer!!!

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