Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I want spring break in the "real world"

Its been almost 3 years since I graduated from college and it seems that every year I am super envious of everyone going on spring break. My sister is currently living it up in South Beach for the week (so JEALOUS!!!). Anyways, my jealousy always makes me want to plan a vacation and go somewhere! Yes I know I have vacation that I could use and go on spring break, but it is just different now. Plus, I have found that trying to get a big group of people together after graduation is tough. We all have differing schedules, live in tons of different places, have varying amounts of vacation and so on.

Anyways, I am currently working on going somewhere Memorial Day weekend…this was to be the weekend of the wedding. I know I have not talked about it on here but I am not getting married…yes you read that right. While I am doing ok (I have my moments, i.e yesterday was a tough day) I cannot and do not want to be in town that weekend. I want to go somewhere and eat good food, drink, soak up some sun and enjoy some good company. Kal is still planning on coming that weekend so I want to do something extra fun! I am super excited that she is still coming because I will definitely need her. As of now we are considering both Charleston and Myrtle Beach. I think she and I may go to Charleston for one night and then Myrtle Beach the rest of the weekend. I love love love Charleston.

Back to the topics of vacations, somewhere that I would really really love to go to, someday, is Bora Bora. Is it not gorgeous! I want to stay in one of those cute huts over the water (as seen below) and do NOTHING in paradise for a week. I need to start saving.

Its back to my cubicle and work I go. Can’t wait for five so I can enjoy the gorgeous weather here!

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