Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love love love LOVE OPI nail polish! The names are fun and I love the colors! Last night I went and got a manicure with one of my friends! It had been forever since I got a manicure and it was wonderful  Anyways, we got the OPI AXXIUM done and it is awesome! It last for up to two weeks and the awesome thing is that it is on your natural nail beds! They can even do a French manicure if you want! This was awesome and I highly recommend you call your local nail salon to see if they can do it! I used to always have fake nails but hated how my nails would feel and how gross they would end up looking! It is a gel manicure that can be soaked off when you want! LOVE!

I got a more natural looking color and I can't remember what its called!

A look at the OPI AXXIUM line and color options!

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