Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh hayyy, remember me?

Hello my little blog. I am baaaaack. I know I know, it has been forever and a LOT has happened since I last updated in DECEMBER…sheeesh…sooo I am going to attempt to do a little catch up sesh.

1.)I went to the ACC Championship. My sis was in town for it, it was a blast and surprisingly Clemson WON! Yes, I said surprisingly…if you followed sports or Clemson football the team disappeared after they lost at GA Tech. The fact that they beat VTech again was a surprise.

That same weekend I ran a 5K. I completed it in 31 minutes which was a personal best! It felt good to burn some cals before I stuffed my face alllllll day!

2.) My sister threw her annual Christmas wine exchange! Everyone brings a bottle of wine and we exchange. It was a blast...and of course we had more food/alcohol than we could eat or drink!

My family and me!

My best friend :)

The whole group!

3.) I celebrated Christmas and New Years, both of which were great!

4.) My family went to the Orange Bowl. Even though Clemson got their bootay's KICKED it was nice to spend time with my fam. I was NOT a fan of Miami though and don't have intentions of going back, unless it's for the Orange Bowl again. The week we were there was the coldest week Miami had experienced in a year. We could only lay out for one afternoon and even then it was overcast...bummmmerrr.

I was so hopeful that we would bring this back...the final score was 70-33...we weren't even close.

5.) I went to Boston with Crouch and Austin to see my sister! My friend Liz, a high school friend that lives in NYC, also joined us. It was such a good time. We did a whooole lot of drinking and very little sightseeing...my kinda trip!

First morning we were there started with Bloody Mary's and Mimosas! My kinda morning!

We did the Sam Adam's Brewery tour...so much fun. I highly recommend doing this if you visit Boston and like beer...plus it's FREE!

6.) Went to Wisconsin for another cabin weekend...but since that was so recent I'm going to do a separate post.

It's been a good, but busy, few months! 2012 is flying by.

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