Monday, November 21, 2011

My Weekend.

What a great weekend it was!

It began Friday with dinner and drinks with a good friend! We then watched a movie at her house and by 11 I was exhausted and in bed.

Saturday morning I went shopping with my mom...always a favorite activity of mine! Stores have started their Black Friday sales and I got some good deals.

I then picked up a friend and we went downtown to watch the Clemson/NC State game. I really have no words for what happened. Clemson looked horrible. I hope it was just an off game for them but I don’t think that’s the case. They have not played well the past month. Defense has been horrible, they’ve turned over the ball one too many times and they don’t look like they have that same momentum that they did before. I ended up drowning my sorrows in booze.

After the game I went home and changed and then went back downtown and proceeded to drink even more. I was seriously bummed about the game. We began our night with a Tiger in the Tank…it’s a slushy made with everclear at one of the local bars.

Then we crashed a wedding that a few of our friends were at. Now before you think “you crashed a wedding?”…we technically “did crash a wedding” but our friends told us to come and we only stayed for a few minutes.

After some wedding crashing we went out and finally my friend Amanda was smart enough to realize that we needed to go home.

Yesterday I woke up with the ab-so-lute WORST hangover. Thanks to some pedialyte, a bagel and a long nap I finally felt like a human again around 1:30. I watched the Packer game on my phone (still UNDEFEATED) and then hit up the gym.

Overall it was a great, great weekend. Now I’m hoping the short work week goes by fast so I can see mah sista!

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