Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Brantley Gilbert Recap!

So as I blogged about yesterday, Merritt and I went to Athens last night to see Brantley Gilbert!

I wasn't sure that we were going to make it to the show because my mom called, while we were driving, to let us know that the highway was shut down because the FBI had gotten a tip about a suspicious truck. Man were my feathers ruffled. I decided that we should go to the area where it was shut down and give it a go. When we got there the highway was back open and we did not encounter any traffic...HALLELULAH!

The concert was at the Georgia Theatre in Athens. It was recently rebuilt after a fire a couple years back. The venue was awesome and Merritt and I were in the third row! I do have somewhat of a beef to pick with Athens, as finding somewhere to park was QUITE the ordeal!

Brantley did not come on stage until 10:40, even though he was supposed to come on at 10 but he was AWESOME! He is great live and puts on a killer show! I will definitely be seeing him in the future. This meant that we did not leave Athens until midnight and I did not get home until 2 aka this girl is TIRED today!

His deluxe version of his CD "Halfway to Heaven" comes out today soo if you aren't familiar with him be sure to check it out.

Merritt, if you are reading this, which I'm pretty sure you are...THANKS again for going with me! I owe you!!!

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