Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrate we willl cause life is short but sweet for certain

So it’s time to finish the rest of my weekend in Chicago. Friday night we stayed up talking with Danette, who arrived in that night. We had to fill her in on our day and chat about our plans for the next day. Mer and I were not really up for taking the subway/train to or from the concert after our experience Friday night. Wanna see what the bus looked like? Exhibit A…squished like sardines.

Honestly, the being squished on a bus was not the bad part. I mean, we’ve all been squished and had our personal bubble invaded before. It was the not knowing when we could get a bus/competing with all the other 30,000 people that wanted to get on there too. There were some mean people!
Note to self: next time (yes I plan on doing this again if DMB does another caravan tour)-hire transportation. We tried to get the hotel to send a driver for us and they said they couldn’t do that because the location didn’t have an address and they didn’t want to subject their drivers to that…ok so here are my thoughts on that a.) LAME. He’s a driver, isn’t it his JOB to drive to locations and drop off/pick up people...no matter what the location is! That’s what I thought! b.) agitated…I just wanted to know that I could get in and out lickity split. We were willing to pay!!!

Ok back to the point of my post, what we did Sat/Sun. Saturday Mer, Danette and I got ready and headed out for the day. We wanted to get in a good meal so that we didn’t have to eat too many meals at the concert. I mean, concert food is not cheap. We found this tapas place close to our hotel and we were sold! Two pitchers of Sangria later and yours truly was in a different state of mind and in RARE, I mean RARE, form! After lunch we got a taxi and headed to lakeside. We immediately made a beeline to hear Dave and Tim play an acoustic set.

I left halfway through to stand in line to meet Tim Reynolds and his band (known as TR3). This was so exciting for me. I GOT TO MEET TIM REYNOLDS. This man can make noises on a guitar like you have never heard. He’s a legend (in my world at least). I got my DMB Caravan poster signed ($40 poster…man my dad would tell me what a waste of money but I’m quite proud of it, see below). So glad I got in line when I did because it turned into quite the line.

After we just hung out. I was amazed at how many more people were there on Saturday. It’s like people came out of the wood works. It was a little too crowded on Saturday for me. Plus I was just dirty…I have pictures but I will spare you. Not sure how I ended up getting so dirty. All I did was walk around but I had dirt on me from head to toe.

Sunday we didn’t go to the Caravan because we were flying home, so we woke up and headed to Rockit in River North for brunch. If you love a good brunch and a bloody mary bar then this is the place for you! I had never heard of a bloody mary bar until I visited Chicago in April. Remember the “Mantour” I blogged about? Well our first stop on that tour was at Rockit (But in Wrigelyville). It was there that I got to experience the bloody mary bar and I was hooked. The food was once again delicious, as was the bloody mary. I got the Cinnamon Raisin Grilled Cheese. It was cinnamon raisin bread, brie, and apples….with a side of sweet potato fries. SO not WW approved but whatevs. I’m going to work my butt of this week in my workouts and I think the meal was definitely worth it. This picture does not do it justice!

After lunch the three of us headed to do some shopping! I purchased my first pair of Toms! Then we had to say goodbye to Danette and Mer and I had a few more hours in the city to do whatever. We wandered around, went to Millennium Park and did some more shopping. It was then time to head to the airport. By the time we got home Sunday night we were plum exhausted. I can’t say enough how awesome the weekend was. A repeat is definitely in order and soon! DMB Caravan, if you are around next year I will be there!

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