Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kenny Chesney and my Saturday.

Friday night I went to the Kenny Chesney concert with my co-worker and friend Melissa. Uncle Kracker and Billy Currington opened for him. We didn't see much of Uncle Kracker but we did see Billy Currington and he was awesome...and not bad to look at either ;). Then Kenny came on and he was awesome. He played all of his hits and was really engaging with the crowd. He played one new song and said that he doesn't like to promote new music on tour but really wanted to play this one. I like that he plays the stuff we know. I know that they need to promote their new albums but I think that the radio stations, music videos, etc do enough of that for them. Overall, I will definitely see Kenny Chesney in concert again, same with Billy Currington!

Melissa and I at the concert!

As soon as I got home from the concert I went to sleep and slept in until 10 yesterday! I have not slept that late in I don't know when! Apparently I needed the sleep and it felt great! I then went shopping with my mom and headed to Clemson with my friend Crouch for a graduation party! They had rented a huge inflatable blow up water slide. We hung out for a while and headed back to Greenville.

Some of the girls!

Crouch and I

I ended the evening with some more shopping! I got a new swimsuit from Victoria's Secret and some clothes from Aerie! It was nice not having a million things that I "had" to get done!

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