Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

-Thank you to my parents for being supportive of me and always here for me.
-Thank you to the creator of "Words for Friends". You have created hours of entertainment and fun for my friends and I. I think I've played it every day this week. If you have a phone where you can download this app, I highly reccommend it.
-Thank you to the DMB station on Pandora for giving me DMB music and similar music to listen to all day.
-Thank you to the rain for stopping for a few days! It has rained every day this week and I am ready to see some sunshine!
-Thank you to my dog Blakeli. She makes me appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life.
-Thank you Jillian Michael's Thirty Day Shred for kicking my butt this week and for keeping me motivated.
-Thank you to my old boss Julie for giving me her snickers cookie recipe (I will post these later because they are to.die.for) and walking me through step by step so that they would turn out!
-Thank you, as always, to the weekend for being here!!! I am looking forward to a relaxing one! TGIF!!!

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