Wednesday, April 6, 2011

40 Things Every Southerner Ought To Do!

I “officially” moved to the south in the summer of 2004. I lived here the previous summer with my parents but then went back to Wisconsin for my senior year of high school. So that makes it almost 7 years of living here. Throughout these 7 years I’ve always considered myself to be from the North or a “Midwesterner”. The North will always be home and I love it so much, especially Wisconsin, but the South (especially the Carolinas) is starting to feel more like home. I have started to realize all of the awesome things that the Carolinas and the south have to offer. I love that I can be in the mountains in less than an hour or at the beach in a few hours. I love that winter means wearing a fleece (maybe a heavier jacket a few times) and that it doesn’t last for THAT long. I also love all of the good food…which probably explains why I’ve gained wait and am on weight watchers ;).

Anyways, I love Southern Living Magazine. Even when we lived in Wisconsin my mom subscribed to it and still does so I would always read it. I was on their website and came across the article “40 Things Every Southerner Ought To Do”. I read through the article, and clicked on the various activities and then I got to thinking…I am WAY more Southern that I ever thought!!! I’ve done so many things on the list and I even say ya’ll now on a daily basis!!! The things that I haven’t done I am planning on doing in the next year! I guess this Northern girl is turning more Southern each day  and I don’t mind! How many things on this list have you completed?

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