Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This past weekend I was in Wisco for a cabin weekend with some of my friends! That explains why I was MIA for a while and now I've been crazy busy since I returned! I will post pictures and more about the weekend tomorrow but I wanted to talk about the boots I purchased before I went! They are called Bogs and they are amazing! I immediately liked them because the had a bow :) I purchased mine on Endless.com. They were originally $110 but they were on sale for $44 and I got free two day shipping! I will definitely be shopping on Endless again in the future! Anyways, like I said, these boots are great! I will also be able to use them as rain boots...since we don't get a lot of snow here in SC. My favorite part was that they also sent me another pair of ribbons to put in the boots and they were POLKA DOTS!!! Here is a picture of the ones that I got, but I got mine in gray!

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