Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Tree Hill Tuesday!

I thought I would start something new and write about one of my favorite tv shows, One Tree Hill. Yes I am 24 going on 25 and I still love this t.v. show. I was so happy that it came back for an 8th season even though I know this could be the last! The show has changed a lot of the years and seen characters come and go. This season has not disappointed. Anyways, last summer during our family vacation to Myrtle Beach we headed to Wilmington, NC for the day. Wilmington is where One Tree Hill is filmed and is also the location for many other films and even some tv shows (Dawson’s Creek and “A Walk to Remember” just to name two of them). We were hoping to run into some of the stars of the show because we knew that they were filming, but we didn’t . We did take a “Hollywood Tour” and the guide walks you through the town and shows you all of these locations where shows/movies/etc have been filmed. There was a lot of info about One Tree Hill since it is still being filmed there. It was an awesome trip and Wilmington is such a cute town. I will be making a trip back. Anyways, below are pics from our trip...

My sister and I on the Rivercourt. This basketball court has been in every season of the show so far!

Another view of the Rivercourt!

Clothes Over Bros (store location from the character Brooke's (Sophia Bush) clothing line). This was formerly the location of Karen's Cafe in the earlier seasons

A picnic table that is currently used in the show...yes I took a picture of this. I believe this was a location from one of Haley and Nathan's first dates, if not the first!

If you don't watch One Tree Hill you should check it out, I love it! Also, if you have had a chance to visit Wilmington, NC you need to take a trip, you will not be disappointed.

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