Monday, February 21, 2011

Better Days

Happy Presidents Day! I am spending the day working as we do not have day off, boo :(. I’m exhausted after a very busy weekend of moving, cleaning and organizing. I got the last few things out of my apartment this weekend and am back at my parents.

Friday my sister came home from college to help me move and she brought me two presents from our favorite store in Clemson, Razzberry Fizz. It is an adorable boutique and they have a lot of unique items. The Fizz recently started up an online website, so check it out! Below is one of the signs that my sister bought me. It’s a wooden sign and has a little beg so you can stand it up. I love it! She made my parents and I dinner (also below) and it was again another amazing meal. The pasta meal was a Giada de Laurentiis recipe and even though I don’t like English peas I liked them in this dish. Then she made bread with honey and melted butter. For dessert we had strawberry shortcake. As you can see staying true to the WW was not that easy but I tried portion control and don’t think I did that bad. We hung out for the rest of the night and watched SATC 2…I hadn’t seen it yet.

Saturday some of my family came into town. They are my cousins but are like an Aunt and Uncle to me and it was great to have them here. They helped me move and clean and we got everything finished on Saturday. I was not expecting to be done until Sunday afternoon. That night my sister made dinner again and then I went out with a friend for a while.

Sunday I turned in the keys to my apartment, which was really hard and hung out with my mom. We went shopping for a little while and then I began packing. It’s a three day work week for me, as I’m headed to Wisco on Thursday for a cabin weekend with some of my most favorite people…a much.needed.weekend.away

Here’s to a better week and to better days :)

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