Sunday, January 9, 2011

Go Pack Go!

Today we are cheering on the Green Bay Packers! I am an avid Packer fan after living in Wisconsin for 10 years. While we lived there my parents had season tickets so it was a way of life! I wish they wouldn't have given them up because it takes about a lifetime (maybe a little less) to get season tickets! Yes a lifetime! There are THAT many people wanting tickets! I recently put myself on the list. I'm looking forward to receiving my letter to see where I stand in line. Anyways, I love the Playoffs or when the Pack plays a team close by because I get to watch it on tv! I hope they pull out a win because if they do, they're off to Atlanta to play the Falcons which means I could go!!! Eeeek!

I have my cheese head ready to go :)I even have a cheese head crown that my mom and dad bought years ago! This is what they look like!

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