Thursday, October 20, 2011

TV Thursday.

I don't watch a lot of TV...I feel like I used to be a TV junkie in college but kind of grew out of it. Lately though I've gotten into a few new TV shows and have quickly become obsessed.

Yesterday I was talking to my sister and she mentioned that she could not wait to go home and watch "Revenge". I had heard a little about the show but had never watched it. I made the mistake of watching the first episode last night and was immediately hooked. I then had to watch the second episode and plan on watching the third when I get home later tonight.

The show is about a girl, Emily Thorne who is new to the Hamptons. She quickly becomes a part of the community but little do the people know that she is their to take revenge on them for destroying the life that she knew as a child.

So what do I like about the show?

1.) That Emily VanCamp is in it. I love her and orginally watched her in Everwood...which I also loved.

and then she was on Brothers and Sisters. Oh em gee did I love that show. Still a little upset that it got canceled last May...oh and that I didn't find out that the last episode was the SERIES finale until the middle of the summer. Not sure what rock I live under...

2.) The plot is interesting
3.) It takes place in the Hamptons

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