Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clemson Tigers

In preparation for this weekend/upcoming games/colder weather I picked up two new items for the game this weekend.

If you follow college football or the Clemson Tigers you know that this is a HUGE game for Clemson and for a couple of reasons.

1.) GA Tech is in the ACC so it's a conference game
2.) We want to be 9-0
3.) Atlanta is a TOUGH place for the Tigers to play. The last time they were 8-0 they went to Atlanta to play Tech and lost. I won't even mention the game against Alabama in Atlanta or the ACC Championship against Tech in 2009 in Tampa

I think that this is a different team than Tech has experienced before but they're still going to have to bring their A game and it won't be easy.

Anyways, I got these sunglasses yesterday! I've been looking for them and found them on sale, score!

They are Ray Ban aviators and the frames/rims/whatever are orange.

Then I got a new North Face purple fleece!

Cannot wait for Saturday, Go Tigers!!!

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