Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Years Ago Today!

30 years ago today my parents got married! My parents met at Miller Brewing, my mom was a taste tester and to be honest I can’t remember what my dad did...fail. I remember what my mom did because I’ve always thought it would be so cool to taste test beer for a living! Don’t you agree?!?! My mom eventually quit working because my parents moved around a lot for my dad’s job and they had my sister and I . I’m glad that my mom was able to not work while we were growing up because she got to volunteer at our schools and be home with us in the summer!

Over the past 30 years my parents have lived in Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Connecticut and Wisconsin! Crazy! When my dad and I were in Augusta for the Masters I got to see their very first house! They have come a loooong way since that first house!

My parents will unfortunately not be able to celebrate their anniversary tonight as my dad is headed to Texas this afternoon for work. For their anniversary my mom got my dad this awesome book on Jeeps around the world (he loves jeeps)…he about foamed at the mouth when he saw it in the Orvis store at the beach a few weeks ago…however, he was too cheap to buy it! Shocker! As for my mom’s gift it is time for her to have a new car (as my dad says)! She has been trying to decide on what she wants for months and can’t!

I look up to my parents a lot and I only hope to celebrate a 30 year wedding anniversary with someone, someday. It is quite the accomplishment to be married for 30 years and to still be going strong! I admire how my parents have worked through everything that life has thrown at them and made it out even stronger. Through countless moves, raising children, changing jobs, losing parents and so on my parents have been there for each other. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you!

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