Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weight Goals and Rewards!

Ok so I came to the conclusion today that losing weight, getting skinnier, and the like are motivating but if I'm going to really stick with this I need some other motivators. One of my most favorite things to do is shop. I know that sounds so girly...but it literally is something I love to do. Ever since I moved home I've been on quite the shopping spree and its time to put it on a bit of a hiatus. I need to keep working on saving money. Therefore, I thought of things that I will buy myself when I meet each goal. These are things that I have wanted fooorever and would not let myself spend the money on. For now I'm going to post what I will "reward" myself for at my first goal...the 20 pounds mark.

**I am rewarding myself with "things" because in the past I would have chosen food and that is not the answer :)

Twenty Pounds-(getting close to this mark, yessah!)

A gold MK watch...not sure which one I want, yet. I bought myself a gold and silver one and loooove it...as in I've forgotten I have other watches and wear it every.single.day.

Looking forward to the day of being down 20 lbs!

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