Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Concerts

When it comes to concerts I have a soft spot. I absolutely teetoally LOVE live music. I live for going to concerts. It is always a good time. This summer there are so many concerts that I want to attend. So far on the list is...

1.) Kenny Chesney
2.) Amos Lee
3.) Willie Nelson, Lee Bryce and Jamey Johnson

My friend Merritt and I are also planning to attend one of DMB's Caravan concerts. Not sure which one yet but we definitely want to go! Have you seen the lineup? Can you say AH MAY ZING!!! Plus I love seeing DMB live...I have yet to get sick of it. Last summer Meritt and I went and I unfortunately do not remember the majority of the concert...don't judge...a good time was had. Anyways, I will NOT be making that same mistake at the DMB Caravan. If I'm going to pay $195 for 3 days (which considering the lineup and that it is for 3 days, that isn't that bad) I'm going to remember it!!!

Pregaming before the concert. It was SO hot...I mean it was July in the
Carolinas that we sat in the car so we could have the AC on!

During the concert!

Yesterday the lineup for Lollapalooza was announced and I now want to go...in fact...I HAVE to go...Coldplay is playing and I"m not sure when they will be touring again in the U.S. Merritt and I went to Coldplay two summers ago and it was one of the best, if not the best concerts I have ever been too! They were amazing live and played all of the goof stuff. I love going to concerts with Merritt...it is a blast and she loves concerts just as much as I do!!!

Us at Coldplay!

I'm thinking that I'm only young once and I want to live it up this summer so I should do both?!??

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