Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Martha Stewart Pets

Well Martha Stewart has done it again and this time its with a pet line! I saw this on another blog that I follow and had to find out more about it! So I went to Google and after a little searching it appears that Petsmart and Martha Stewart have teamed up for "Martha Stewart Pets." The stuff is so stinkin' cute and its reasonably priced! This makes me super excited because I plan on getting a few things for Blakeli :) and because cheap pet stuff is GOOD! I'm amazed at some of the prices for dog "clothing", and accessories. It can get really expensive and lets be real here, Blakeli does not wear her clothes that often. In fact, she HATES when we put clothes on her and she sulks. Once you remove the clothes she does this weird celebration dance (yes I'm serious) and runs circles around the house!

I absolutely love this! I think I might paint and spruce it up a little bit though! But we are always looking for something cute to hang Blakeli's leashes on...

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