Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ode to Kate.

Each week I plan on giving a shout-out to my favorite brands and this week is Kate Spade. I looove Kate Spade and for a couple of reasons.

1.) She has multiple items with polka-dots & bows two of my most FAVORITE things
2.) Everything is COLORFUL
3.) Its not as common as Coach and I feel like you don't see it EVERYWHERE and even if you do it doesn't always scream "Kate Spade"!

If you aren't signed up on Kate's site I recommend it because there are quite a few times that you can get 20% and up off and there's the sample sale, which is great!

These are my favorite Kate items right now :)

This would be perfect for a Clemson game!

Such cute wedges!


  1. Very nice! I love polka dots, too. And those wedges are adorable.

  2. Hey! I had no idea you had a blog!
    I have the polka dotted bag...but in all black and I LOVE it! It has tons of little pockets inside to keep your life organized! ie No fishing for your phone!